In-company Training

Business Communication for companies

We offer customised Business English coaching and training live online or at your office.  

Our professional approach and experience have assisted us in developing an efficient manner of language learning and development.  

We are capable of understanding the needs of our learners and adapting our training sessions and learning support materials depending on their learning aptitudes.

English Lessons Almere also caters for English for Specific Purpose (ESP).  We have been providing our services to different industries including construction project management, engineering, hairdressing & beauticians, IT, security systems, hospital management, well-being management, customer service, marketing, insurance, translators, accounting, human resources and freelancers amongst others.

As of 2022, we have also started offering Neurolanguage Coaching® for companies.  This technique of learning is the ideal way to keep the costs of the process low. We always measure progress during the process and we compare these against the pre-determined KPIs. This way you always have value for money and you never pay too much.

We are committed, reliable and results driven.

Would you like to learn more about us?  Why don't you arrange a no-obligation call with us to discuss your alternatives?